CAF – Compressed Air Foam

CAF is nothing more than making a few simple physical property changes to water to make it a more perfect heat absorber, at the same time adding additional benefits.

Water doesn’t like carbon – It bounces off combustibles.
Water has high surface tension – It won’t soak into combustibles.
Water has a relative low Surface to Mass Ratio (STMR) – It is not a very efficient heat absorber.

These are the reason firefighters use so much water, waste so much water and cause so much water damage.

By adding a small amount of soap (Foam Concentrate) to water (now called Solution):
Solution now becomes carbon loving – It will stick to combustibles.
Solution has low surface tension – It will soak into combustibles.

Then by inserting compressed air into the solution:
Drops stretch out to become Bubbles – Drastically increasing SMTR – CAF absorbs heat to waters maximum efficiency.

Now making it possible to put out a well involved house in as little as 30 seconds using as little as 40 gallons of water (in CAF), virtually eliminating water damage.

That’s it!! Firefighting water made perfect!!