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Mobile Home Training Fire – Brandon, MS – 01-30-10

It is the intent to burn the mobile home down. All shown exterior attack flows were much shorter than normal fire fighting for that purpose. However, note in the videos that even short duration CAF flows can almost completely extinguish the rear of the mobile home, and literally extinguish the one front room while the rest of the home burns around it. All flows are .3% CAF, 95 gpm using POK 15/16 tip nozzles, Hale Foam Logix foam system and Waterous 140 SP CAF systems. Temp – 35F, Wind Chill – 19F – Cold and windy. There were numerous interior attacks, not on this video.

Fire scenario courtesy of Rankin County (Miss) OEM with special thanks to the Fire Chiefs, firefighters and departments of Evergreen, Robinhood, Cleary, and Langford for their participation.