This web site hosts the CAF Forum for Class A & Compressed Air Foam. If you are interested in discussing any other aspect of the fire service, please visit Firehouse Forums

CAF Forum Rules

1 – The Compressed Air Foam Forum, as is the main site, is developed for educational purposes and the Forum specifically is for discussions revolving around CAF. For other fire related topics, go to the Fire House Forums.(Link Above)

2 – No member shall choose a sign in name that confuses members as to their relationship with the site administration.
Basically, any name including the words Admin or Administrator will be rejected.

3 – The site is not a form for advertising, especially in the section on manufacturers. It is a site for discussion only. Any post that is specifically considered by CAF Admin to be an ad or specifically a link to another site will be rejected and removed.
It is acceptable for a specific manufacturer to become a member and address questions and concerns regarding their product.

4 – There shall be no bad mouthing of any type. It is acceptable to discuss the “specifics” of a negative experience, however, do not post comments intended to slam CAF or a manufacturer in general. In other words, PLAY NICE!!

5 – The Forum Admin retains the right to remove any post not deemed to be within the scope of the site’s intent. The CAF Admin also retains the right to eliminate and block membership of any individual that willingly violates the rules and site intent.

6 – These rules will change as necessary to keep the spirit and intent of this forum intact.